CMS Rental, KEW Poseidon Pressure Washer

240/480, 3 phase, 2750 psi, will handle 180* water. $50/day. $600/month

CMS Rental, Noritz Tankless Water Heater on Stainless Cart

480,000 BTU, Commercial Propane powered Tankless Water Heater (tanks included). Will produce 5 GPM at 180* $65/day or $500/month

CMS Rental, Hydrotek, EX Series, Diesel Fueled, Stream Generator

with 3000 psi Cat Pump powered Pressure Washer. $600/month

CMS Rental, ANT3C Surface Cleaner

Attaches to pressure washer. $35/day

CMS Rental, CellarBlaster I Pressure Washer

10 HP, 3000 PSI, 5 GPM. $50/ day, $500/month

CMS Rental, Barrel Washer

Attaches to pressure washer. High pressure, gear driven. $40/day

CMS Rental, Versamatic 2″ U2SJ7X770-FP-OE Air Pump

Stainless, Food Processing Air Pump, On Cart, ready to rent. $750/Month

CMS Rental, ScanJet SC15TW2 Gear Driven Tank Washer

Fluid driven. $500/month

CMS Rental, Clarke MA-50 Scrubber/Dryer

Micro Series(fits in small spaces) Scrubs and Drys with one pass. 3 gal solution tank/3 gal waste water pick up tank. Great for barrel
rooms and tourist areas. $500/month