Randy Franzke

Randy Franzke, Owner

While wandering around in the early 1970’s looking for work other than busboy jobs, I heard from a vineyard contractor looking for a vineyard hand. Dick Steltzner hired me in the spring of ’71 to tend his and other’s vineyards. As a young man, driving the tractor from one vineyard to the next, killing snakes along the way, it seemed to be a great career until I discovered winery work.

I pounded on two different winery’s doors for 2 weeks until Louis Martini hired me in the fall of ’72. The first day I was sent into a tank and told to shovel it out as fast as I could; I came out lungs and eyes burning, soaked in sweat, and sat down next to a wall. Sitting there thinking how cool this was, I knew I wanted to be doing this the rest of my life. Then the cellar master came up and said, “What are you doing sitting down? There’s another tank to be shoveled.”

Thirty-five harvests later with eight wineries, no regrets, and hundreds of stories, I looked around and realized this was a young man’s world in the cellar. I decided to turn my winery knowledge and interest into sales of wine equipment and supplies. After a few years working at this, I felt that now is the time to start my own web-based independent distributorship of fine stainless steel fabricated items and winery supplies.

With the motivation and history in the wine industry, I am determined to make this business a success by offering quality items at reasonable prices that I would buy as a cellar master. I enjoy engaging in consultations concerning all aspects of winemaking. It validates my wine knowledge gained over 35 years in the business. As this website develops I hope to gain input on the “Ask Randy” blog spot. This page will include a place to post pictures and lists of “have for sale and wanted to buy” with favorite links.

I have a good relationship with vendors and can research and quote most any winery item. I will tell you honestly if I have it, or when I can get it and how much it costs.