Motorscrubber® MS2000

Motorscrubber® MS2000

Manual scrubbing is tiring and exhaustive work, especially in confined and hard to reach areas, never producing the results you want or more importantly need. Short deadlines are also common place in the cleaning industry meaning you need results fast.

Introducing MS2000 the specialist battery operated deep scrubbing machine perfect for bathrooms, shower areas, around toilets, swimming pools, stairs, walls, base/skirting boards. It’s also ideal for polishing marble, mirrors and stainless steel.

The comfortable, all-day wear backpack, delivers high torque power to the 18cm / 7″ scrubbing head releasing dirt from deep down while you simply clear away dirty residue leaving surfaces clean and fresh.

With our large range of brushes and pads, you’re sure to achieve outstanding cleaning results on any surface.

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Product Description


The reliable high torque motor allows for fantastic washing, polishing, cleaning, and grinding results.


Using the highest quality, durable components every MotorScrubber is proudly manufactured in the UK.


A real workhorse with an impressive 4 hours runtime from one charge.  Taking only 8 hours to fully re-charge.


Super portable, you can use it anywhere; stairs, swimming pools, motor vehicles, it’s ideal for all hard to reach areas.


Weighing only 2kg (4.5kg with the harness) it is extremely lightweight to use yet heavy duty in its construction.


The MotorScrubber is 100% waterproof and submersible in water with no shock risk due to its extra low safe voltage.