Dossisol One SO2 winemaking

Dossisol One

DOSSISOL ONE is designed to be used by large consumers of sulfur dioxide:

• Transfer of important quantities of wine

• Sulfur Musts

• Addition of SO2 to large deposits

• High-speed requirements for the addition of SO2

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Product Description

The system is based on the dosage of SO2 by pressurization with N2 and weight measurement with a load cells, getting exactly the dosage that is requested by the user. The emptying of the container of SO2 is made to the default dispensing speed chosen by the user, resulting in a hurry good container. The high speed of the dosage decreases product processing times. Adjustable speed between 10 and 1,000 kg/h. dosage 200 g accuracy. The dosing is performed with SO2 in liquid form without causing odors and vapors irritating or harmful to people and the environment. The dispenser can be connection in a quick and convenient way to containers of 1.000 kg.